Our Company

Fuel for the future, inspired by a lineage of climate justice.

Dimensional Energy™'s technology is cultivated from all that has been historically ignored—emissions in the air and people on the ground.

We are here to foster transition: from the linear to the circular, from the extractive to the regenerative, from crisis to justice.

Our Team

Expertise, experience, and experimentation.

Our team of subject matter experts come from all over the world with a shared purpose of making the sustainable fuels and materials necessary for a circular economy and climate justice for all.

Our Values

Accountable action, durable good.

The world needs new models for energy production, defined by a shared sense of humanity and equity.


Our operations are open to, and inclusive of, local communities, activists and journalists, whose perspectives we rely on to remain accountable and effective.


Our technology can produce energy locally, at a scale that can satisfy whole countries without stealing resources or fomenting conflict.


Our practices are anchored in the seventh generation principle of the Haudenosaunee, whereby all decisions take into consideration the needs of a minimum of seven generations into the future.

Accountability Framework

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

To uphold our stated values, we use the J.E.D.I. framework to inform all of our relationships both internal and external to our company.

Our Vision

Regenerative systems for all people, all species, and all time.

We envision a world free from fossil fuel dependency. By removing fossil carbon from supply chains and replacing it with carbon dioxide we allow circular economies to emerge, bringing us more in line with nature, which knows no concept of waste.

Accountability Framework

Sustainable Development Goals

By building a team of experts dedicated to climate justice, our vision aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework. Dimensional Energy’s work directly addresses four of the goals:

  • 7: Affordable Clean Energy
  • 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 9: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
  • 13: Climate Action

Our Mission

Fuel the future, free of fossil carbon

Dimensional Energy uses carbon emissions to make the fuels and products people use every day.

Our values and our vision guide the daily steps we make in this work, and provide practical means by which we remain optimistic in the face of the massive challenge before us.

Accountability Framework

Triple bottom line

People. Planet. Profit. There is no path to climate justice that doesn’t take all three into account. Our leadership has a history of work in Benefit corporations whose legal structure mandates such an approach, and we continue to be inspired by these lessons.

Profitability is of course necessary to enable the development and adoption of our revolutionary technology, but rather than being a goal in and of itself, it is the means by which we care for our communities and the earth by replacing fossil carbon in pursuit of a better tomorrow.

You can help.

All voices are needed.

We want to partner with you.

Dimensional Energy is looking for value-aligned individuals and organizations eager to bring change to fossil carbon supply chains.

We're happy to discuss how our fuels and product precursors can fit into any industrial process, whether by providing sustainable feedstocks or capturing carbon dioxide from existing manufacturing facilities and transforming it into fuel.

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