Our Impact

Value carbon.
Value people.

With a revolutionary carbon utilization platform and accountable relationships between technologists and the public, we are working with companies to cut global emission by 11% by 2050.

Technical Impact

Industry by industry,
chemical by chemical

Dimensional Energy’s invention of a clean and economically viable means of transforming carbon dioxide into valuable and necessary products is a giant leap forward in humans’ ability to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.

Dimensional Energy™'s technology presents a true alternative to the extraction, refinement and burning of fossil carbon, all of which must cease in the coming decades in order to leave a livable planet for those who will come after us.

With timely investment and adoption from public and private sectors we can scale at a pace which allows us to eliminate the emissions of the world’s most difficult-to-decarbonize industries before they permanently and irreversibly compromise the future of life on earth.

Technical Impact

Meeting demand for industrial fuels

The annual combustion of 10 billion barrels of industrial fuels produces 10% of global emissions.

Source: iea.org

2.5 billion

barrels of jet fuel

5.5 billion

barrels of trucking fuel

2 billion

barrels of shipping fuel

Fuels from carbon dioxide

We can produce the same 10 billion barrels of fuels from the excess carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, transitioning emissions from an ever-worsening crisis to a regenerative closed-loop system.

To produce the 10 billion barrels needed to meet demand for jet fuel and freight diesel, we’ll process 8.3 billion tons of carbon emissions.

That’s 8.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which until now have been a yearly addition to the already-overburdened atmosphere, transformed into a continuous, carbon-negative cycle, halting the generation of additional emissions for good.

Technical Impact

Ending extraction

By replacing the fossil carbon ingredients in consumer products with the alternatives we produce alongside our fuels, we can end extraction's legacy harms.

End extraction emissions

Every year over 300 million tons of carbon dioxide are emitted from gas and oil wells.

End ecosystem pollution

Untold numbers of oil spills have irreparably polluted lakes, rivers, aquifers, oceans and land masses.

End human displacement

Generations of indigenous people around the world have had their land stolen in the name of energy production.

Consumer products from carbon dioxide

For every four barrels of fuel we produce, we also make one barrel of industrial feedstocks, which could replace fossil carbon in manufacturing.

As we meet demand for fuels in industries that are difficult to electrify, we automatically make extraction-free precursors for products like building materials, paints, tires, textiles, surf and snowboard wax, cosmetics and more.

Social Impact

Community by community

Multiple communities stand to gain from a transition to renewable fuels—most directly, those who live in communities where fossil fuels are extracted, and those who work in the fossil fuel industry.

We offer durable benefits to both groups:

First, a seat at the table where decisions are made. Second, an opportunity to be included in the implementation and profit structure of our solutions.

Social Impact

A just transition for industry experts

Today, the people with the technical skills to bring our platform to scale work in fossil carbon industries.

Their knowledge is not just applicable to the work of solving climate change, it is essential. Dimensional Energy provides an opportunity for these professionals to leverage their expertise and transition from extractive to regenerative energy production.

Jobs at Dimensional Energy are not reskilling efforts—fossil fuel workers can utilize their talents, and change the world.

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Careers in carbon utilization

  • Welding & Plumbing
  • Process Engineering
  • Reactor Design
  • Systems Integration
  • Plant Operations
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Social Impact

Community integration through public partnerships

We operate with this basic understanding: to achieve climate justice, clean energy ecosystems must be balanced with inclusive economies. And to build both humane technology and equitable financial systems, communities must lead.

Dimensional Energy fosters equitable relationships between technologists and the public, whose strength makes the difference between solving climate change or not.

Our Engagement Process


This is our initial step of due diligence background research. We look for places with abundant renewable energy where our presence could be the most beneficial. Before we approach we make sure we’re walking in with a basic understanding of the community and its culture.


This is the time for listening and looking. Through ride- and walk-alongs, community meetings, interviews and more, we identify opportunities for impacts which are small and immediately attainable.


Participatory exercises and group projects provide a space for community-led ideation of larger catalyst projects and their desired outcomes.


Through mutually agreed upon project plans and a detailed understanding of the nature of Dimensional Energy’s local presence, we make ourselves accountable to the community.


Together, we create the fuels of the future, with built-in review processes that promote and sustain mutual success.

Learn about our team and how we approach our work.

We want to partner with you.

Dimensional Energy is looking for value-aligned individuals and organizations eager to bring change to fossil carbon supply chains.

We're happy to discuss how our fuels and product precursors can fit into any industrial process, whether by providing sustainable feedstocks or capturing carbon dioxide from existing manufacturing facilities and transforming it into fuel.

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