Announcing Our First-of-its-Kind Collaboration With Heliogen

August 8, 2022

We're very excited to announce our collaboration with Heliogen. As we contemplate how to to abate emissions from difficult to decarbonize sectors of our economy, such aviation, all companies converting low energy molecules like carbon dioxide to energy dense hydrocarbons need to utilize the most effective forms of renewable energy available so that we are additive to the energy sources available for our civilization to progress emissions and conflict free. Our platform allows for the use of solar thermal. Heliogen is the best in class when it comes to high quality solar industrial process heat (SIPH). This is important from both a cost perspective and from a land use perspective. Big thank you to Andres Aguirre Ph.D., Andy Muto, Ford Wyatt, Paul Gauché, Katharine Larsen, and Bill Gross, for the last year of work on our breakthrough SAF platform together.

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