Innovating technology to make everyday fuels and products from carbon dioxide emissions and renewable energy to mitigate the impacts of climate change and build a sustainable future

Test pilot at Ampaire fueling hybrid propulsion aircraft with Dimensional Energy Sustainable Aviation Fuel​

Carbon dioxide is
a resource.

Carbon dioxide is the most ubiquitous feedstock in the world. Dimensional Energy’s reactors and catalysts make it possible to utilize carbon dioxide to make a replacement for oil at a price that improves our economy today.

Dimensional Energy closes the loop on carbon dioxide emissions.

Engineer stirring vat of synthetic paraffins.

Dimensional Energy is launching an array of products that we make at our Tucson Technology Center. We produce synthetic crude, then formulate and distill specific wax cuts depending on customer application.

Products today include eSAF, surf wax, and a food grade distillate.

Contact us about wax sales.

Two engineers speaking in front of computers.

Located in the Energy Corridor in Houston, TX, Dimensional Energy has an experienced team of engineers and subject matter experts to support commercial scale projects from FEL 0 through FID, construction, startup, workforce development, and commercial operations.​

Contact us to support your project development efforts.

Engineer collects extruding wax into his hand.

Dimensional Energy has invented catalysts and a technology platform to convert carbon dioxide into synthetic paraffins.  The platform based on our catalysts yields the lowest carbon intensity, lowest energy requirements per barrel installed, and best carbon efficiency for a power to liquids facility.

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We partner with communities to create a more equitable future for all.

We recognize every community, region and ecosystem has its own unique needs and sensitivities, and know our potential for global impact relies on local knowledge.

All companies must engage in some sort of siting process for major infrastructure projects. Dimensional Energy’s process is informed by decades of deep environmental justice work.

We emerge from our five-step process—Discover, Engage, Collaborate, Commit, Co-Create—with a binding contract with the communities to deliver lasting benefit. This could include ecosystem restoration, providing job training, working with local businesses and more.

Technology Center

Learn more about our technology.

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We're happy to discuss how our fuels and product precursors can fit into any industrial process, whether by providing sustainable feedstocks or capturing carbon dioxide from existing manufacturing facilities and transforming it into fuel.

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