We transform carbon dioxide into sustainable aviation fuel.

Technology Center

Over the next decade, Dimensional Energy™'s sustainable fuels will meet and beat the price of fossil fuels.


gallons per day
(0.1 barrels)

Tucson, Arizona

Today, we are operating a first-of-a-kind facility producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and products.

This work is supported by the US DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) and Solar Energy Technology Office (SETO).

Inquire here for product samples.



gallons per day
(2 barrels)

Vancouver, BC

Co-located at a Lafarge Canada cement plant, Dimensional Energy will integrate carbon capture technology to operate the world's first point source production facility for Sustainable Aviation Fuels.



gallons per day
(200 barrels)

Niagara Falls, NY

In collaboration with Seneca Holdings, we will commission a first-of-a-kind commercial-scale, hydroelectric-powered carbon dioxide-to-fuels plant.



gallons per day
(1000+ barrels)

California and beyond

Dimensional Energy will fuel global air travel.

Recent investment from United Airlines is accelerating this timeline.

Carbon dioxide is
a resource.

Carbon dioxide is the most ubiquitous feedstock in the world. Dimensional Energy’s reactors and catalysts make it possible to utilize carbon dioxide to make a replacement for oil at a price that improves our economy today.

Dimensional Energy closes the loop on carbon dioxide emissions.

Dimensional Energy’s mission is to replace the fossil carbon in the fuels and products people use every day.

By replacing fossil fuels with Dimensional Energy, we can place 11% of global emissions into an industrial use cycle. That’s 4.4 billion tons per year, or about 2 tons per person from industrialized countries.

This math matters, but our work is about more than numbers.

We foster climate justice by pairing revolutionary fuel technology with vital and binding community engagement processes to realize durable prosperity for all.

We transition hard-to-decarbonize industries to carbon-neutrality.

Until now, carbon dioxide has been defined as waste—it is what’s left over when all the energy is burned off energy-dense fuels. It is warming our planet because conventional wisdom says it is an impossible byproduct to utilize cost effectively.

Equipped with our carbon utilization platform, carbon-intensive industries can chart a course to carbon neutral or zero emissions operations.

The difference between “waste” and “resource” is Dimensional Energy.

Sustainable air travel

Our carbon-neutral fuels can drop into today’s aviation ecosystem with no additional changes to infrastructure.

Feedstocks for fossil-free plastics

Our plastic precursors are an extraction-free alternative to those in use today.

On-site utilization of industrial emissions

Our platform collects carbon dioxide where its concentration is highest, before it enters the atmosphere. We can also integrate direct air capture (DAC) as it matures.

We partner with communities to create a more equitable future for all.

We recognize every community, region and ecosystem has its own unique needs and sensitivities, and know our potential for global impact relies on local knowledge.

All companies must engage in some sort of siting process for major infrastructure projects. Dimensional Energy’s process is informed by decades of deep environmental justice work.

We emerge from our five-step process—Discover, Engage, Collaborate, Commit, Co-Create—with a binding contract with the communities to deliver lasting benefit. This could include ecosystem restoration, providing job training, working with local businesses and more.

Learn more about our technology.

We want to partner with you.

Dimensional Energy is looking for value-aligned individuals and organizations eager to bring change to fossil carbon supply chains.

We're happy to discuss how our fuels and product precursors can fit into any industrial process, whether by providing sustainable feedstocks or capturing carbon dioxide from existing manufacturing facilities and transforming it into fuel.

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