June Update

June 6, 2023

June Review

Dear Friends,

As we approach the solstice, Dimensional Energy’s horizons are broadening. With new opportunities and partnerships presenting themselves every day, our technology center achieving new technical milestones, the team growing and diversifying, and all our existing projects making steady advancements, we are, to say the least, thrilled by the pace of progress.

We have much to share with you since our last update:

  • We announced our partnership with Boom Supersonic, the world’s first sustainable commercial supersonic airline, for the annual purchase of five million gallons of Dimensional Energy™ sustainable aviation fuel.
  • We announced our partnership with cement producer Lafarge Canada and carbon capture specialist Svante and have received a great endorsement from Premier Eby and Minister Heyman from the British Columbia government to accelerate our technology development.
  • We have begun development of a new catalyst research, development and production facility in Ithaca, NY, where we’ll manufacture more and better versions of our proprietary catalysts.

Read on for more details...

Projects and Partnerships

Boom Supersonic

Commercially available supersonic flight has long been the dream of international travelers—and Boom Supersonic is leading the way in bringing sustainable supersonic travel to market. Dimensional Energy is proud to announce its partnership with Boom, beginning with a purchase agreement for five million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) per year for Boom’s Overture program, launching in 2026, to support Boom’s commitment to carbon neutral supersonic flight.

Boom is catalyzing technological advancements with its advanced purchase agreements, allowing Dimensional Energy to reach milestones which cannot be met with verbal commitments alone. They are accelerating the development of affordable sustainable aviation fuel by investing in Dimensional Energy during the early stages in the development of SAF technology.

Read the press release here.

A model plane made of Dimensional EnergyTM wax

Lafarge and Svante

In Canada, we’ve formally announced our three-way scale up project with Lafarge and Svante. This project is the site of our first industrial emissions-to-SAF demonstration, and it is gaining the attention of the Canadian government, who understands that many industrial sources of greenhouse gases are located in areas where pipelines and wells are inaccessible, leaving on-site utilization as the only pathway to decarbonization. As such, the government has just pledged additional funding to accelerate our efforts in British Columbia.

We have a target of commissioning in Q4 of this year and beginning operations in Q1 of 2024. Today, the reactors and process equipment that will live alongside the cement plant are being built at our technology center in Tucson, AZ, Dimensional Energy’s central hub for workforce and technology development. Our operators and engineers are translating all we’ve learned at the center into the future of modular fossil-free hydrocarbon production.

Read about the announcement here.

MLA Hon. George Heyman, Brad Kohl (Lafarge), Jason Salfi, Premier of British Columbia David Eby (holding a sample of Dimensional EnergyTM wax), Brett Henkel (Svante)

Technology Status Report

As strategic partnerships, such as those described above, make clear the path for our technology to find footing in the world, our internal research and development work continues to produce results beyond expectation.

Tucson Technology Center

Alongside our fabrication efforts for the Lafarge project, the team at the Tucson Technology Center has been hard at work on campaign three of platform operations. We’ve increased the performance of the platform by 25% over campaign two and are producing our first batch of wax for sale, with samples available now.

We have already sold our first 105kg to food company Savor-It for the creation of their line of fats, and we are commissioning a distillation unit which will allow us to cut the wax into various melt points and fulfill orders for a range of grades and applications.

Tucson Operations crew holding examples of our product in various forms

Ithaca Catalyst Lab

In Ithaca, our team of catalyst experts is transitioning operations from the shared lab at Cornell University to a lab of our own that is larger and kitted out with everything we need for continued research, development and ramped up production. This new space offers the capacity for bigger and faster development of our already industry-leading catalyst technology.


In Houston, Texas we are in the midst of opening an office for in-person collaboration for our growing team of process engineers. Texas is home to many skilled professionals with a history of success in hydrocarbon production, and we are thrilled to have the chance to work together to build a fossil-free future.

Plant Operator Brandon Reed

Growing as a Company

Perhaps our most exciting news is both our biggest, and our smallest, announcement: the arrival of baby Maiana, who joined Process Engineer Tracy Benavente’s family this April. We are beyond thrilled to welcome Maiana to the Dimensional Energy team!

Dimensional Energy’s newest warrior - Maiana

To all you reading this now, I cannot thank you enough for the time and attention you give to our efforts here at Dimensional Energy. The focus you bring to these words is part of a groundswell of care and curiosity about our work that is resulting in real investments in our world-changing technologies.

Jason Salfi and the entire Dimensional Energy team

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