October 2023 Update

October 31, 2023

October 2023 Update

As folks are settling into sweater weather, with its colorful leaves, steaming spiced lattes and good reads by the fire, we’re donning our wetsuits and heading out for head-high barrels. Tis the season for surf!

This quarter, we have a totally tubular update for our fellow travelers in this journey to abate the emissions of difficult-to-decarbonize industries. So grab your board, your Dimensional Energy Surf Wax and read on!

Technology and Research

We are thrilled to announce Dimensional Energy is perfecting the world’s first fossil-free paraffin surf wax. We unveiled our first sample at Climate Week in New York City and will very soon have a production batch to share with the public.

Made from carbon emissions that would otherwise be in our atmosphere, our surf wax is the only non-petroleum-derived option on the market that delivers all the performance characteristics the world’s best surfers have come to expect from paraffin wax. Lifetime surfer and CEO Jason Salfi is out in the water, testing the wax on waves he's ridden his entire life, and other experts from coast-to-coast are lending their decades of experience to the effort.

An image of a surfer's hand holding Dimensional Energy Surf Wax

This year, we joined a number of other technology companies in sponsoring Climate Tech Cocktails, the kickoff party for Climate Week. The event was hosted at Irving Plaza with over 4,000 rsvps. Amidst so many amazing developments and discussions, our surf wax, raw material samples, and brand story garnered loads of attention. Sporting our Surf Wax soft goods, we made some exciting connections with other startups and investors and are looking forward to seeing what conversations these inspired encounters will generate.

Product Development Specialist Andrew Maged, mixing another iteration of our wax. At our Tucson Technology Center, we’re ready to create samples for hundreds of products. Think crayons, candles, cosmetics, food-grade animal fat alternatives and much more.

In Ithaca, New York, our expanded research and development lab is up and running. Our scientists are making steady improvements to our already-industry-leading proprietary catalyst. We have secured vital patents to protect our intellectual property and continue to deepen our knowledge with the help of a growing staff in New York.

Senior Laboratory Associate Sandeep Dhandapani, Senior Material Scientist Ali Sangghaleh, and Catalyst Engineer Tej Chavan at our R&D Facility in New York.  

Projects and Partnerships

Our tri-partnership with cement manufacturer Lafarge Canada, and CO2-capture specialist Svante is in full swing. We are partnering to install Dimensional Energy’s one barrel-per-day carbon utilization platform (including our proprietary Reverse Water Gas Shift reactor and a Fischer-Tropsch skid) at a Lafarge plant in Richmond, Canada. We plan to break ground this year and are developing the workforce for the soon-to-be-operational plant.

We are also moving forward with our first commercial-scale plant—a 200 barrel-per-day facility in upstate New York, built in partnership with Seneca Holdings. We have secured the land for the project and are working closely with our partners in New York to develop the site for construction in 2026.

Dimensional Energy in Washington and Around the Country

Our Leadership Team has been presenting at conferences and attending key stakeholder meetings around the country. Dimensional Energy CEO Jason Salfi was honored to join a small group of clean energy business leaders to speak with John Podesta, Senators Schumer, Kelly, Wyden and many others about how we are benefiting from the Inflation Reduction Act. Together we underscored the damaging effects of potential congressional cuts to clean energy funding. It was a great opportunity to show our support for clean energy legislation and expand our influence on Capitol Hill.

Dimensional Energy CEO Jason Salfi meets with business leaders, John Podesta and other Capitol Hill leaders in Washington DC.

Other recent appearances include Yale’s Energy Sciences Institute Retreat, the National Science Foundation’s Workshop on Advanced Manufacturing for Industrial Decarbonization, Infocast’s RNG & SAF Capital Markets Summit, the ROC on Tech Conference, the Clean Energy Investment Summit, the Carbon Capture Summit and VERGE: The Climate Tech Event.

Growth and Expansion

None of the above would be possible without our team of staff, consultants and advisors who bring world-class experience and wisdom to our work every day. Since our last update, we have hired ten new full-time staff members and several key consultants. To guarantee our employees are thriving, and ensure solid company structure, we are expanding internal HR support, financial planning and other supportive systems and policies.

We are promoting a culture of Safety First. Our Safety Coordinator and Supervisor of Operations, Jesse Farrar, continues to ensure our plants, labs, and workspaces are free of hazards. And our Training Coordinator, Brandon Reed, supports our Operators with the training and knowledge they need to conduct their work safely and skillfully.

Future and Fundraising

We are days away from the final close of our A round of financing, which will give us the capital to continue planning and developing projects that utilize and recycle harmful carbon dioxide.

With healthy and informed optimism, we are paving the way to a vibrant future, fueled by a pollution-free atmosphere. As always, we invite you to celebrate our achievements, spread the word and bring others along for the ride.

Surf’s up!

The Dimensional Energy team

Dimensional Energy staffers at the Climate Tech Cocktail event in New York City. From left to right: Sam Garncarz, Jason Salfi, Dassance Raymond, John Santoleri, Tej Chavan and Sandeep Dhandapani.
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