Sustainable Fuels and Products from Carbon Dioxide at our Tucson Demonstration Plant

October 3, 2022

Greetings all,

Today, Dimensional Energy’s first demonstration plant is up and running, producing sustainable fuels and products from carbon dioxide and water in Tucson, Arizona.

Turning a small patch of desert into a fully-functioning carbon utilization site in under a year has been no small feat, and the implications are massive. The launch of this plant marks the beginning of a new era for Dimensional—the manufacture and sales of real low carbon-intensity fuels and products.

Strides in Platform Integration and Soaring Reactor Performance

Dimensional Energy's just-commissioned demonstration plant, alongside a solar field in Tucson, Arizona

This demonstration installation integrates three major components of our platform: an electrolyzer for green hydrogen production, Dimensional’s proprietary reactor and catalyst for syngas production and a Fischer Tropsch reactor which converts Syngas to liquid fuels and products that we use every day.

The Dimensional reactor design we’re operating with today is running with a carbon conversion 50% higher than the pilot reactor we tested in Wyoming last year, and we have three more  queued up for testing. Already, this new reactor has exceeded its target performance.

The containerized Dimensional Energy reactor alongside our Fischer Tropsch reactor, integrated and commissioned

In addition to showing the high carbon conversion and long-term stability of our catalysts and reactor design, Brad Brennan, our Chief Science Officer, is “particularly excited about integrating into a two-step process fluidly—straight from one reactor (Dimensional’s) to another reactor (Fischer Tropsch) to give us a final product.” This level of integration is a key part of Dimensional's IP. Brad describes it as monumental. "A seamless transition from one reactor to another is what puts us ahead of the pack,” he says.

Bruce Logue, our Senior VP of Engineering, has spent half the summer at the plant in Tucson and the other half providing and refining Remote Operations Monitoring from his home in Texas. “Doing this remotely,” he says “enables you to not have so many subject matter experts on any given site.” As we grow, assembling a remote team that can manage a number of different sites from anywhere in the world, will allow us to lower the barrier to entry for industrial emitters who are ready to utilize their supply of carbon dioxide.

Humble Beginnings of a Whole New World

A pail of our circular hydrocarbons made from the very emissions warming our planet. This material can replace all of the fossil carbon in the fuels and products you use every day.

This work has required the expertise and flexibility of a range of specialists, and it has been an honor and a privilege to work with the growing team at Dimensional Energy. As we proceed further into this groundbreaking work, we’re proud to be fostering an environment where everyone is encouraged to ask questions, expand their overall understanding of the system and advance our technology. We’re constantly reminded that novel solutions can come from any member of our team and so rely on everyone to come to work with a healthy sense of curiosity.

A special thank you to the contractors and vendors who have worked with us throughout the design/build process, helping us to navigate supply chain and labor force issues to get what we need when we need it. These lines of communication and collaboration are vital to our success and we appreciate everyone’s commitment to building strong working relationships which set precedent for future growth.

More soon!

Jason Salfi

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