DE Engineers Tucson

Right now,
in Tucson Arizona,
we are transforming industrial
greenhouse gasses
into Dimensional Energy™ fuels and products.

Tucson Technology Center

Years in the making,
our technology
is now ready to scale
around the world.


The materials we’re producing on site today are the ingredients of a circular economy.

Derived from emissions, this wax is a fossil-free feedstock for global hydrocarbon supply chains. It can close the loop on humanity’s industrial carbon cycle.

At our recent
ribbon cutting event
we welcomed technologists,
investors, policy makers
and journalists to see
our platform in action.

The Dimensional Energy team led visitors on a tour of our site, offering insights about the innovations and implications our technology has for the world and its most difficult-to-decarbonize industries.

Tucson Ribbon Cutting

Take the tour

The placards accompanying our team’s presentations are reproduced here in full, offering the public a first-hand look at this revolutionary technology.

This is a
for oil

and it’s
made from
carbon dioxide
and water.

“The flying public gets to have the experience they have today... without hurting the earth.”

Mike Leskinin
President at United Air Venture

“Dimensional Energy is exactly the type of company that we seek to support... innovative and tenacious.”

Jessa Turner
Director of Communications at University of Arizona Tech Park

Hear from our Stakeholders

Our event began with opening remarks from some of Dimensional Energy’s key stakeholders.

Click here to watch on You Tube


We received some stellar press coverage from local news outlets and are excited to see the story gain traction across the country and around the world.





Tucson Sentinel: New Tucson factory may help solve climate crisis by creating jet fuel from CO2Phoenix Business Journal: Dimensional Energy plans hiring after sustainable fuel company opens Arizona facility

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From all of us at at Dimensional Energy, thank you for taking the time to learn about our work and the promise it holds for the climate and our shared life on this planet.

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Dimensional is looking for value-aligned individuals and organizations eager to bring change to fossil carbon supply chains.

We're happy to discuss how our fuels and product precursors can fit into any industrial process, whether by providing sustainable feedstocks or capturing carbon dioxide from existing manufacturing facilities and transforming it into fuel.

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